Fitness Offers

12 Days of Fitness

Start your New Year Resolution early with twelve visits to the Spa throughout December.

Convert onto a membership before your 12 days lapses and get 50% off your first month.

12 Days Peak – £60
12 Days Off Peak – £50

For more information call 01536 414790 or email

Member Referral Offer

Tracey Jobson our new membership sales adviser would love to hear if you have any friends or family members interested in joining the spa.

You could be in with a chance of a great gift if they join.

Your friends and family are also welcome to join us for 12 days this Christmas. December offer available for £50 Off Peak and £60 Peak.

For more information call 01536 414790 or email

Getting Serious About Exercise

When it comes to getting serious about exercise, most people think of January 1st as the only window you have to hit “reset” on your healthy routine. But the truth is, the beginning of autumn/winter is another great time to either recommit to fitness goals or set new ones.

Motivation and discipline is hard in winter but here are some tips to keep up the good work.

Invest in some new gear – you’re bound to want to test drive it and could be the inspiration you need.

Plan, Plan , Plan – Book in to classes or arrange to meet a friend for a workout, you won’t want to let others or yourselves down and will be more inclined to get your sessions done.

Targets – Set yourself some new goals, enter in to some spring challenges. If you start your training early you will be sure to achieve.

Nutrition – When it’s cold, we tend to be drawn to stodgy, carbohydrate-heavy foods. But this becomes a downward spiral. If you continue to focus on clean and healthy nutrition during winter, you’ll be in a greater stead to train well and keep hitting your goals.

Sleep – Sleeping during winter is the easy part. Getting out of bed and exercising is much harder, but most definitely worth it.

Treat yourself – Regular massage will help relieve muscle soreness, improve circulation and boost the immune system and overall you will feel totally relaxed.

Get enough rest, exercise regularly and don’t over indulge and you will be well on the way to keeping fit and healthy this winter.